Teledyne LeCroy Factory Tour Day 1, Post 1

This week I am at the Teledyne LeCroy factory in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Besides enjoying the cold, rainy and dark weather, I’m going to share lots of pictures and videos with you throughout the next days and weeks. If there are any questions you’d like me to ask during interviews or there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover, let me know!

Here are a few pictures of this morning’s Factory tour:









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3 thoughts on “Teledyne LeCroy Factory Tour Day 1, Post 1

  1. Nice to see this i was out that day; i was curious to know who came to visit the factory and to take some pictures a video and surprise it was KF5OBS from you tube; picture one on this post is the WaveSurfer 3000 calibration station, picture two is The WaveRunner 6ZI/HRO test station (my work station), picture three is some of the CalSoft stations where all: 6ZI,HDO’s and Wavesurfer 10’s are calibrated, picture four is HDO assembly line all by hand and done by skilled workers a lot of care is taken in every unit that is build with specific torque calibrated tools; picture five i think is a set up for older product; picture seven these are some Calsoft station for calibration of 7ZI to 10ZI Lab Master, picture seven is a test station for High Voltage probes, and the last picture is the test stations for HDO4000/6000 and HDO8000…that is Robert’s station always very neat and clean. best regards

    • Too bad that i didn’t get to see you at the factory. Would have been great to touch base with one of my subscribers. However, there’s always eMail, phone and Skype if you want to touch base. Hilary Lustig has my complete contact info if you’re interested.

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