14 GHz Ku Band Block UpConverter

A quick look at what it takes to make a Block UpConverter (BUC) for the 14 GHz Ku-Band satellite uplink band work. A BUC is used in professional Broadcast TV environments to convert a video signal from a L-Band intermediate frequency to the 14 GHz range to be received by broadcast satellites.

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2 thoughts on “14 GHz Ku Band Block UpConverter

  1. Hey Seb,

    Re. Tearing down and repurposing a 14GHz VSAT block u/c – I doubt it makes sense, you’ll find all the RF power devices are narrowband, and internally matched to that band. Ditto the strip-line filters, even the PLL, VCO etc.

    Re. ‘Broadcast’ – the word itself is kinda last century now, if you read the DVB-S2 spec. (2003) you’ll note the term ‘generic stream’ and so it came to be IP. Linear TV or Radio is an endangered species. BTW: baseband ‘video’ is no longer.

    Here’s a challenge / idea for a blog – DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum), and the cheap silicon for it now. 50 Baud over 5MHz ?


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