Source for toroids, magnet wire and IF cans

This article is probably going to be the shortest and most straight to the point article I will ever write. While I was looking for different kinds of toroidal ferrite / iron cores, I came across the online shop of amateur radio operator Dieter Gentzow, W8DIZ [1].

Dieter has a huge selection of toroids and magnet wire for an extremely low price. I was really surprised by the prices he offers as I used to pay a fortune for the same things from other distributors. At first, I thought the prices were a little too good to be true but I tried out his store, paid with PayPal and received the goods within 2 business days, no problems or catches at all!

Assortment of common toroid  types

Assortment of common toroid types

Some other things I found in his store were Intermediate Frequency (IF) transformers. IF transformers are also referred to as IF cans because of the metal can shield around the actual inductor. The formerly big players in the market for IF cans, Sumida and Toko, discontinued their production a long time ago. Since then, it can be a hassle finding a reliable and inexpensive source for these products. I asked about the reliability of his stock and Dieter indicated: “All parts listed on my website are expected to last as long as I do.”

455 kHz IF filters

455 kHz IF filters

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