Wilkinson Splitter/ Combiner Design

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Westerhold, S. (2014), "Wilkinson Splitter/ Combiner Design". Baltic Lab High Frequency Projects Blog. ISSN (Online): 2751-8140., https://baltic-lab.com/2014/09/kf5obs-29-wilkinson-splitter-combiner-design/, (accessed: May 27, 2024).


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2 thoughts on “Wilkinson Splitter/ Combiner Design

  1. Hi Sebastian,
    thanks for your great videos, but please don’t just omit almost all units in your formulas! It makes every physicist cry 😉

    Could you do a video about your PCB etching process some time? Would be really great!

    • Well, I gotta make someone cry occasionally… 😉 My professor was very adamant about always putting the unit equation next to any given formula and putting a unit on every value. Blame him, paired with my rebellious behavior he spoiled units for me. But, point taken, I’ll try to be better about it in the future.

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