Are you a manufacturer or distributor and you have a great product for me to review? Awesome, send it in!

Just be aware of the fact that I do not do paid reviews, no exception. If you send your product in, I will review it and call it as I see it. This is really important to ensure that I maintain a high credibility for my reviews.

But don’t be too frightened. Products and design fails happen at times. Engineers probably understand this much better than any other customer group and this is exactly the reason why an independent review on a high-profile blog like this will convince customers rather than your own marketing videos and brochures; Engineers despise marketing BS and want to hear how it really is.

Also note that the way you respond to an alleged product flaw can create a significant amount of trust in you and your product. Due to social media, the days of just sweeping things under the carpet are over. If you show your (prospectful) customers that you are on their side and pro-actively help to resolve possible product issues, they are often more inclined to buy your product than the one of a competitor. Customer service is more important than ever these days.

I will NOT allow you to see the review before it goes ‘live’ for everyone. However, I will allow you to post a response in my blog at any time. You may also receive login credentials which enable you to respond to comments of my viewers instantly.

What about product placement? You can not buy product placement in my videos or on my blog, no exceptions. If you would like to see your products in future articles, tutorials, videos, etc., simply indicate that I can keep your product after review. If I like it, I will use it for future material.

Please note that not every product is interesting for me or my audience. Things that are always welcome for review on my blog are designer kits / evaluation boards for microcontroller, programmable logic (CPLD, FPGA, etc.) and radio frequency related topics. Test equipment – such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, signal generators, etc. – is particularly wanted material.

But don’t be hesitant, contact me and I will let you know whether or not your product is interesting to me.

While I would fully agree to returning samples after review, it would be highly appreciated if you chose to actually donate your products permanently, as it would rapidly increase the quality of my blog.

Contact me: info [AT]

The following manufacturers have submitted samples of their products for a review on this blog:

Analog Devices
Jackson Labs Technologies, Inc.
Teledyne LeCroy
Texas Instruments

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