Circuit and PCB Design

I am excited to offer my skills on a freelance / 1099 basis. With the three modules Circuit Design, PCB Design and Prototyping / Testing I offer the whole production range from an idea to the final turn-key solution.

Circuit Design Service

Support through all critical phases of circuit design can be provided by me. Starting with budgeting, parts selection and specification check to the finished design – quick, affordable and reliable. If you have an idea and need someone to transform it into a turn-key solution, I am the right business partner for you.

Be it Analog, Digital or Mixed signal – it doesn’t matter. Trust me when I say anything is possible. I have several years of experience in many different fields of circuit design.

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PCB Design Service
I design professional PCBs for you. From simple Design Rule Checks (DRC) to from scratch designs – everything is possible. Most industry standard design suites are available to me and I can accept and supply many different file formats.

  • Designing single-, double- and multilayer printed circuit boards
  • High density layouts
  • Designing boards with analog, digital and mixed components
  • PCB routing for high-speed, including routing of differential pairs and impedance controlled routing
  • RF Circuits up to 24 GHz
  • Routing quality analysis (DRC, Connectivity check, Impedance control, etc.)

When the design is finished, you will receive the original PCB files, and all Gerber / Drill files needed for production. Additional files such as 3D models of your design can be provided upon request.

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Prototyping and Testing Service

Prototyping and testing can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Preserve your resources by outsourcing this process. I can produce PCBs, assemble prototypes and perform final testing according to your specifications.

I have capabilities of producing PCBs in house. FR4, Rogers 4350, and Rogers 4003 PCB materials is several standard thicknesses are usually in stock.

Hand assembly for through-hole and surface mount parts is absolutely no problem. To allow a quick turnaround, I have most standard parts in stock.

State of the art test-equipment enables me to characterize your circuits quick, precise and accurate.

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